Bon Ami


DATE - 13th - 17th March 2019

TIME - 19.50 (plus 16.50 on the 17th)


Ami is normal, Ami has a job, Ami has family and friends, a gym membership and decent broadband. Ami shouldn’t feel desperately alone...but she does.
If only there was an aquatic adventure, a malevolent wizard or a an overly self aware giant monster to distract her. Oh wait...

BON AMI is a sharp, artistic parody about loneliness, the importance of friendship and why you shouldn't drink from a coffee machine!
"Funniest hour I've enjoyed in this month-long Fringe" - Fringeguru ★★★★
"This award-winning company are definitely stars, talking about serious things in funny ways...a superbly funny show" - Fringereview - Highly Recommended Show

Supported by Battersea Arts Centre and Unicorn